Spring is emerging and so are the weeds in your landscape beds!


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”   It’s an old saying that implies it’s easier to prevent a problem than to solve it once it gets out of control.  This logic applies to many facets of life, and in this instance….your landscape beds.

The first application of fertilizer we put down in the Spring uses a pre-emergent to prevent weed seeds from germination and taking a foothold in your turf.  Fortunately we can also apply a similar preventative to the weed-prone landscape beds around your home.  Weeds in landscape beds is on of the most common complaints we hear in the industry.  Whether you pull them by hand or spray them with herbicide, a bed overgrown with weeds can eat up a weekend’s worth of free time very quickly.

To ensure you spend your time outdoors enjoying your surroundings rather than working on them, we can apply a preventative at the beginning of the season to control weeds or throughout the season to discourage them all year long.   These treatments, along with maintaining a layer of mulch 3-4” thick, are the best way to keep weeds at bay and plants healthy and thriving all season long.