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Homeowners often overlook proper tree care because the common misconception is that trees take care of themselves. This is not at all true! Trees need just as much care as your lawn and your plantings. Those in an urban setting, such as Chicago and the suburbs, are often ‘stressed’ because of the clay in the soil, poor drainage, insect and disease problems, amongst other things. Trees need fertilization, feedings, and injection treatments in order to look their best and stay healthy. With proper tree care and yearly tree maintenance, your trees will keep your landscaping looking beautiful for generations to come!

Tree Care Services Provided by Hartman Landscape:


Micro-Trunk Injection Disease Treatments

Micro-trunk injections integrate both pest and disease management for your trees. These injections help in the treatment of such common pests as the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and typical tree diseases such as Fire Blight Bacteria. Giving your trees proper injections ensures they stay healthy and beautiful for years to come.


Fertilization and Plant Nutrition

A plant’s true foundation needs to be nurtured properly to stay healthy. At Hartman Landscape, we recommend and utilize deep root feeding, soil amendments, macro-infusions, and deliberate root care. These programs, hand-in-hand with other important treatments, encourage the growth of all your plants. Help your plants to reach their full potential by contacting Hartman Landscape today and learning more about our fertilization and nutrient packages.


Deep Root Feeding

Deep Root Feeding is a process where specialists inject specially blended fertilizer directly into the root zone of your trees and shrubs. The fertilizer formula will then continuously feed and nourish your landscape to give you the healthiest landscape possible. The treatment improves the blooms and fruit production on your plants and enhances the root development of your trees.  At Hartman Landscape, we recommend annual deep root feeding treatments, and we customize each program to achieve the best results.


Macro-Infusion Tree Care Treatments

When normal preventative care isn’t what you need, we offer macro infusion treatments to quickly clear up problems.  Some common issues, such as chlorosis – an iron and manganese deficiency – can be treated with macro injections, similar to the way a human may receive IV treatments for an illness. Macro-infusion treatments allow trees to more quickly absorb the needed nutrients, offering quicker results than when using typical deep root feeding.

Macro-Infusion is typically used to quickly show marked improvement in the beauty of the tree while allowing the time needed for other treatments to be administered and take effect.

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